Zleiphneir: Path of Justice

Chapter III: Hunting

Zleiphneir stood guard by the tree as Wolfcaster rushed off in search of the Sage. Unfortunately, he was unable to find the woman. He came running back looking quite exhausted. Z helped him sit by the tree, then sprinted off in the opposite direction shouting for help. He ran all the way to the Aramory and no one even bothered to answer his pleads. He cursed them all and returned to the tree, feeling disheartened.

Luckily, a runner brought word to him that one Khalazdad would alert the Sage if he saw her. He also informed Zleihpneir that he should contact the Good Nymph of Loreroot, for she was knowledgeable in arts of nature. This greatly pleased Z, for he understood what the letter meant. The Good Nymph was indeed a fair person to speak with. He had worked with her before, and she would be willing to help. He sent the runner off toward Loreroot for the nymph.

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