Zleiphneir: Path of Justice

Chapter V: Transformation

As Ilias finished his explanation, the small creature leaped at Zleiphneir, who had forgotten in the midst of the tragedy to reset the dial on his arm that controls his transformations. Overtaken by rage, Z began to undergo his first metamorphosis . Flecks of black crawled across his skin until they consumed his entire body, leaving only a white crescent which appeared as a menacing grin. Steam escaped from his eyes and shards of metal fell from his right arm as it grew in size and took on the shape of a muscled tentacle.

Blinded by anger and unable to control his current form, Z swung at the unsuspecting Ilias, who was nimble enough to dodge the brunt of the blow. Turning his attention to the creature, Z grinned and hoisted his mechanical arm high into the air. It seemed to stretch for eternity, and with all of his strength Z recoiled the arm and used it to smash the creature into the ground, leaving only a crater where it had stood a moment ago.

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