The Golemus Wizard

Page 46 [2008-05-12 00:43:24 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
The pyramid is empty on the inside. One single huge hall with openings to let light in. The overall feeling is majestic. Akasha steps carefully towards what seems to be sort of altar in the center of the room.

Page 47 [2008-05-12 02:44:50 – Golemus Wizard quest – Wod.]
While waiting for the mysterious light formation to take shape, the wizard thinks… “Good that I sent Akasha away to get that book… She could be more dangerous to my plan than a professional killer sent to kill me…” he looks out at the window with his mind far away. “She will never find the Book of Principles… Nobody can.. There is none, and even if there was… Arghhh! I am thinking again foolish things!” He turns away from the window and admires his work in progress.

Page 48 [2008-05-12 12:12:13 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
As she approaches the altar she sees something on it that looks like a piece of paper. She looks at the paper but there is nothing on it. A perfectly clean piece of paper with a rough but evenly distributed texture. On one side the paper is torn as if it was ripped. “I should take this, maybe it will be an important clue later. Lets see what else I can find”

Page 49 [2008-05-12 16:29:41 – Golemus Wizard quest – Wod.]
A humanoid shape emerges from the glowing mixture of light and fog. The wizard stares at it with his eyes full of joy. “Finally!! Master Wodin, oh mighty warrior, you are finally here. The Shades will be finally destroyed now… Just a few more moments and you will be able to exit the energy field.” He runs outside again to adjust the mirror. As he steps outside a foreign thought reaches his mind . “Now could be a good moment, or maybe I should wait more and see what he is up to..” The wizard ignores it, he knows shades will send other killers for him but he is so close now, nothing can stop the process now.

Page 50 [2008-05-12 16:26:48 – Golemus Wizard quest – sim.]
In his eyes, Necrovion is now burning in flames with no creatures left in it whatsoever. One of the many illusions Necrovion can create in the mind of those that get lost in it. Simplyzero approaches the Howling Gates and looks one more time behind him. “Now, I’m finished with you, I shall go and destroy the source of this all… The Golemus wizard… You will pay for ignoring me.”

Page 51 [2008-05-12 16:26:49 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
After spending a lot of time searching the empty hall for other possible items or clues, she decides that there is nothing else left there and moves on to investigate the other pyramids.

Page 52 [2008-05-13 02:08:29 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
“Oh, this is so similar to the other pyramid… And look, just an empty paper, and probably nothing more, just like in the previous place”. She picks the torn page and moves on

Page 53 [2008-05-13 02:08:29 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
After inspecting all the pyramids she found out that each one contains an empty paper that looks like a page of some large notebook, or something similar. She now has 6 pages, but not a single clue what they are or where to find the Book of Principles.

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