The Golemus Wizard

Page 1 [2008-05-02 15:11:33 – Golemus Wizard quest]
Some crazy wizard is experimenting with the dream world in Golemus Golemicarum. Seems that his actions upset the dark forces of Necrovion. A hero is requested to go on a quest to see what’s going on there. If he returns successfully he will be greatly rewarded. If he fails… His account will be doomed and locked forever in a Necrovion prison, or the crazy wizard might turn him into a weird animal or something. It is rumored that the dark shades are already testing players to see who fits their requirements.

Page 2 [2008-05-04 22:06:38 – Golemus Wizard quest – Big.]
Shades have picked *BigC* to go on a mission in Golemus Golemicarum and stop the wizard from messing around with the dream world. However the first meeting didn’t go so well, BigC is not sure if to help the shades or just kill them… 

Page 3 [2008-05-04 22:06:37 – Golemus Wizard quest – Big.]
BigC reaches the Golemus wizard and finds out that he is trying to contact a great warrior. Wodin Ullr. That’s why he is messing around with the dream world. The wizard summoned .Morpheus., a legendary dream master, to help him communicate with the people of Marind Bell. BigC decides not to complete the quest given by the Shades and to leave the wizard alone to do his thing. The shades will be extremely angry. BigC remains in Golemus until he thinks of a way to confront the shades. 

Page 4 [2008-05-04 22:06:37 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak. ST.]
Shades contact *Akasha* and STF to finish the quest and stop the wizard from his actions, their quest will begin soon.
In the mean time, SmartAlekRJ found a dark dragon lair but he is unsure if to proceed and enter the lair or quit his journey and turn back without his dragon. 

Page 5 [2008-05-04 22:06:38 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak. ST.]
Akasha and STF reach the Golemus wizard.

Page 6 [2008-05-04 22:06:38 – Golemus Wizard quest – sim.]
An uneducated peasant, known by the name of Simplyzero, frustrated by the fact that he can not participate in the wizard quest, decided to go on a journey to find the shades and kill them. He seems well motivated and he will probably die with the sword in his hand. That’s if he will find the shades… 

Page 7 [2008-05-02 16:01:46 – Weaver Gared Chronicler]
Fascinated by the current events, Weaver Gared begins to write a chronicle about them and tries to keep up with all things going on. A great and dangerous adventure awaits him as he will follow the footsteps of those who went on the wizard quest. He hopes that his book will be greatly enjoyed by his friends and fellow players.

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