The Golemus Wizard

Page 61 [2008-05-15 16:04:08 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
“Almost there… argh, no, it’s too far up…” Akasha can’t reach the flames of the floating pyramid, she tried everything she could, the pyramid is simply floating to far up. “Ah damn it, it must be something else…”

Page 62 [2008-05-15 16:04:09 – Golemus Wizard quest – Wod. Om.]
The morphing light finished to take shape. The wizard looks at his creation , he finally did it, despite all the attempts the shades made to stop him. A tear of joy drops as the killers blade cuts his throat. The wizard drops dead while the mysterious killer cleans his knife. “Hmm… Easier than I thought…”

Page 63 [2008-05-16 03:45:48 – Golemus Wizard quest – sim.]
He keeps falling and falling like the water he jumped in was an illusion, like nothing was there, nothing. At some point he stopped feeling the fall, everything was dark and he was floating into nothingness. The few bits of reason that remained in Simplyzero made him to think about what happened, where he was, what revenge he had in mind for the Golemus wizard .. but those thoughts soon vanished and a sensation of calm took over.

Page 64 [2008-05-22 02:59:29 – Golemus Wizard quest – Wod. Om.]
Still glowing, Wodin Ullr steps out of the morphing light. He looks at the dead wizard and at his killer and speaks to him: “Thank you, two souls were given to summon mine, from one I master the spirit and from one the body, now its time to raise an army! “. He steps outside the room and starts walking towards No Man’s land. Ome looks at him confused, realizing that this was part of the wizard’s plan “What have I done!”

Page 65 [2008-05-22 03:11:11 – Golemus Wizard quest – Wod. Om. – END]
Full of anger Ome thinks, “I never fail! If this means Wodin is preparing for war against the shades, then my task becomes now to stop him.” Out of nowhere a voices speaks “Very good, I was just preparing to kill you for your incompetence, but maybe your extraordinary skills can be of some use for our cause. Go seek Wodin at Road of Battles, he is training his army there, but be careful, his spirit is stronger than your blade, you must find another way to challenge him”.

Page 66 [2008-05-26 03:46:43 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
Akasha rethinks her entire purpose. She started this journey in order to convince the Golemus Wizard that she is loyal and useful so that he will accept her as his apprentice. In this way she could get close enough to him to find a way to stop him, either by killing him or sabotaging his actions. Maybe there is no need to actually return with the book of principles, maybe she can return with a fake just to distract the wizard for a few moments. (Akasha has no way of knowing the wizard is already dead so her quest continues as planned)

Page 67 [2008-05-26 03:56:20 – Golemus Wizard quest – sim.]
It seems the water he jumped in is much more than water, or at least for him it is. It is said that shades can not get into water because it will drain their powers and return them to earth. Simplyzero, or what was left of this poor peasant that ventured on such an insane journey, looks at the empty waters around him, slowly floating without purpose on what seems to be a small wooden ferry. At one end of the ferry he notices a man, he approaches him and asks “Where am I? What is this place… Who are you?”

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