The Golemus Wizard

Page 82 [2008-06-29 02:00:02 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
“My dear, foolish Akasha. I sent you on your quest knowing that there is nothing there to find for you. I think it’s a small thing to do comparing to your intentions to kill me. If you read this letter it means I am already dead or the shades got me, but it also means that you returned, and I don’t know which ones story is more interesting to hear: yours or mine. If I managed to end my experiments then there is one more chance against the shades. Go talk to Wodin. If I failed then you should return to the pyramid where I sent you for the Book of Principles and look for your death, because that might be the only thing to save you from the upcoming rage of the Shades. I saw great potential in you, even if you were sent against me. I do not think you have a dark soul, so even if you don’t know it maybe, your path is towards light. Keep my words close as you might need them soon.” Akasha takes the letter and leaves the deserted place, there is nothing else she can do there now.

Page 83 [2008-07-04 02:55:57 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
Akasha is convinced that the wizard was wrong. The Book of Principles does exist, and she intends to prove it, even if it means to write it herself… Blinded by her strange obsession for the principles, she does not pay attention to all details in the letter. As she gets closer to the Bridge of Ages , she sees a mage looking old man approaching her.

Page 84 [2008-07-04 03:11:25 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak. Alc.]
“Good day!” The old man speaks. “My name is Alche, well it’s not exactly my name but it;s pronounced better that way. I am a traveler from the Archive Lands and I mean no harm to you. may I know your name?” Akasha, a bit bored by this introduction and thinking about things, tells him her name. “OH, really. You are indeed Akasha? the one that tried to get the Book out of the pyramids fire? I was searching exactly for you! I come from far away in the search of the great knowledge of Golemus Golemicarum, rumored to be written in that Book, and I heard about you at the Gazebo of Gravitational Sound and I hoped you could share your knowledge with me about that Book ” Akasha looks a bit frightened at him and thinks “Who is this fool man who thinks I will tell him about MY book of principles… He wants to steal it for sure.”

Page 85 [2008-07-04 03:19:50 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak. Alc.  END]
“Ah yes, that book, well I left it where it belongs, in the fires of the great pyramid. You may go and read it if you like. You will have to get a bit burned, but the book is nice.” Alche looks a bit confused “But… But I heard you could not get it, and that you failed to retrieve it from the fire of the pyramid. Is that not true?” Akasha grins, “Ah that was just for the people to know, but the book is there, I read it. You go too, go and get it from the fire, it’s simple.” Alche’s face enlightens “Thank you my dear, thank you very much, I knew the book is there, I will go immediately and look for it. Thank you again!” Alche departs as fast as he can, heading to Mount Kelle’tha. “Fool old man, he really thinks I will tell him anything about MY book… Let him search until he quits this foolish thought… Ah, and even if he manages to reach the pyramid…he will BURN hahahahahaha! Yes, BURN… He will burn as the wizard said.”

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