The Golemus Wizard

Page 30 [2008-05-08 10:44:21 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
“Ah, and the Element Principle. I wonder if that could stop the bad weather… But that’s for more complex things… Oh well since I have nothing better to do while I am waiting, lets imagine how this could be done… Maybe add a bit of Fire to the Water and Wind outside, merge them into one, use the wind to spread the action and use Earth to attract the Water. OH! Look the sun is shining, and this delicate warm rain… Oh and the fog is clearing. I guess I can stop thinking nonsense and move on now…”

Page 31 [2008-05-08 11:17:08 – Gjinja the Chronicler]
At the warm candle light Gjinja starts to write the legend of the current events

Page 32 [2008-05-09 04:03:31 – Golemus Wizard quest – Om.]
He can’t turn back to Necrovion, that path only opens in the presence of a shade. But, he can do something else that might impress the shades and make them forgive his failure in killing BigC…”Yeeeees. This I will do… I will be the first to do it so the shades will forgive me or maybe even reward me. Hehhehe.” As he thinks of this Om. starts walking towards the Gates of Ages

Page 33 [2008-05-09 05:53:21 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
Akasha passes the bridge towards Mount Kelle’tha. She experiences a deep sensation of respect. This is a holy place.

Page 34 [2008-05-09 06:03:41 – Golemus Wizard quest – ST. Mo.]
.Morpheus.: “As I was saying, should it be the left or the right leg?” … STF: “No, please…” .M.: “Ha, why are you afraid of, it’s just a leg muhahhaa.” STF: “DEATH!” M.:”WHAT? What you just said? Do you actually think i care what you are afraid of? Ha… Impertinent human…” S: “No. The answer is DEATH…”

Page 35 [2008-05-09 06:42:01 – Golemus Wizard quest – ST. Mo.]
STF turns towards the crowd behind him, waving like a fresh elected president, and does the banana dance, on BOTH legs. .Morpheus. shouts: “HEY! what do you think you’re doing!?” The crowd disappears and STF looks in the ground before Morpheus like a guilty child, waiting for his reaction… The answer might be wrong after all.

Page 36 [2008-05-09 22:41:29 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
After climbing several hours, Akasha finally reaches the top of Mount Kelle’tha. Thinking at first that they are huge rocks, she discovers a circle formation of pyramid-shaped buildings. Looks like a temple of some sort. As she looks at those constructions she realizes that something is casting a big shadow on the entire plateau. Slowly she raises her head and looks to the sky…

Page 37 [2008-05-09 22:59:43 – Golemus Wizard quest – sim.]
“Ignorant creatures, I shall kill them all!” With his soul shattered by his frustration, Simplyzero focuses and recalls his creatures invoking each one within a deadly ritual. With the energy of all his creatures combined he launches a storm of devastating attacks in the blackness of Necrovion fighting his imaginary enemies. For a man blinded by a fake purpose, anything can take the shape of his enemies.

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