The Golemus Wizard

Page 8 [2008-05-04 22:06:39 – Golemus Wizard quest – sim.]
Simplyzero reaches the Necrovion Gates. Motivated by his anger against the shades, he steps into Necrovion without caring about the consequences. His quest to find and destroy the shades that ignored him continues…

Page 9 [2008-05-04 22:06:39 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak. ST.]
STF attacks the wizard, as he strikes him with his great sword, he realizes that he is on a plain of flowers and that his mighty sword is just a broken staff… The sun is raising and the birds start to sing. He is dreaming… But how… When… Where is the wizard… What happened?

Page 10 [2008-05-04 22:06:39 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
Akasha realizes the power of the wizard and pretends she is just an apprentice that came to learn from the great master. She doesn’t want to disappear like STF did, she must act smart and discover the wizards weakness before she attempts to kill him.

Page 11 [2008-05-04 22:06:40 – Golemus Wizard quest – Om.]
Shades contracted a powerful player to capture and bring BigC into Necrovion so that he can be imprisoned there for eternity. With his heart at peace that he did the right thing by not killing the wizard, BigC decides that its time to exit Golemus and face the wrath of the shades.

Page 12 [2008-05-04 22:06:40 – Golemus Wizard quest – sim.]
Suddenly he feels heavier; dark memories flood his mind; an unstoppable urge to kill makes him go deeper into Necrovion. He can no longer remember his homeland, all he knows is his name, Simplyzero; and his purpose, to kill the shades… Those damn shades that ignored him and denied his right to the Golemus Wizard quest. As he walks with his mind buried in dark thoughts he reaches a vale , the road seems to vanish in the depths…

Page 13 [2008-05-05 13:36:57 – Golemus Wizard quest – Ak.]
The wizard acts like nothing happened. He kindly invites Akasha to sit down and tell her story. After a long talk, the wizard accepts Akasha as an apprentice and sends her on mission to prove her skills and loyalty. He sends her after the Book of Principles guarded by the fires of Mount Kelle’tha. The book is actually protected by the principles itself so if someone tries to destroy it or steal it, the events will go in such way that the book will return unharmed to its place. Akasha realizes that this book can not be taken away from its place and it’s a bit confused why the wizard gave her this task. However, there is nothing she can do about it, so she starts her journey to get the book, or at least try to.

Page 14 [2008-05-04 22:06:41 – Golemus Wizard quest – ST.]
As he walks the green plains, the sky turns into water, the plains turn into desert, and a voice starts to speak. “Answer my riddle and you should live well, Answer it smart and you should get a spell”. STF stops for a second, thinking he went mad hearing voices, but as he looks behind him he sees his footsteps change into words. “So close but yet so far, ones fear is the other ones war.”

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