Quests: A Growing Tutorial volume 1

Step 2: Roles
What is your role? How can you use a variance of that?

Your role is important for determining what sort of quests make sense for you to create. I am the Master Archivist. I make quests such as gathering people to complete the Archives Mansion, and quests for hidden information. SmartAlekRJ, on the other hand, is the Drachorn Master. It wouldn’t make sense for him to create a quest to complete the Archives Mansion, but if the “hidden information” pertained to the little people or drachorns he governs, then the quest could work. Instead, he mostly creates quests for people to solve some sort of puzzle and rewards them with a drachorn. Khalazdad the Balanced may not find information about RJ’s little people so profound, but instead new discoveries about magic and happenings of the Light will perk his interest. He also is one many people would go to in order to try to enter Necrovion.

Of course, sometimes a role can be very specific and too narrow to create an easy quest from. Not to mention, your quests could become repetitive if you use the same excuse every time. Here’s where you would use another aspect of your role that is somehow connected to make it sound more real and interesting. An example is RJ seeking information on his Little People. It is not directly correlated to his Drachorn Mastery. Or, with the example of simplyzero the Ferryman, the quest could be about his encounter with the Deathmarrow instead of always “will you ferry me across the water to x land?” How you choose to use a variation of your role is up to you and by no means a concrete science. Like the entire process of creating a quest, it’s a flexible choice.

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  1. Very helpful and good for planning quests. Read it an learn something to help you on your way. Especially if you have quest balloons

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