damnation“Damned Ones we all are, to always sigh and nothing more.”

I curse the Sun, the Moon, the Earth for being as they are
The Sun I curse for shining upon me, not You and then abandoning both
The blazing sphere of searing white can`t even light my path to You!
The Moon I curse for being frail and bringing me to long for You
Undying light with silver flame surrounded by pitch night, You within my mind!
The Earth I curse for all its actions against myself and my own will
I have no wings with which to spread n` be the Moon n` reach You my blazing Sun!

I loathe the oceans and the skies and the dirt beneath my feet
The oceans for they ever spread and ever part our two horizons
Their always present arrogance hides my raging tears under their waves
The winds for they lash and howl and never grant me Your sweet voice
They steal the kisses my lips send You and still my lips do never stop
The dirt beneath my feet for it turns to mud and slows me down
The dirt beneath my feet because it rises and beclouds my sights

I damn my wits, my heart and, more than them, I damn You
I damn my wits as they are witless when my lips dare speak Your name
How they turn from stones to glass every time I long for You
My heart as it is weak and frail and afraid, a crimson petal in Your hand
“Wilt me not!“ it dares to cry and “Clench me tight!“ it then sighs
And, more than them, I damn You… for showing me that I still Love
That I still smile, that I still long, that I`m no longer dead and gone
That Human eyes and Human smiles and Human hearts all are the same,
They all long and crave for You… And You… will ever have me as Your whim!

These words pour out of me like flame and remove the shadows around us,
No harm or ill intent will ever come for You, my love
You are the core, the essence of my all, and I, Your shield, will ward and guard
And let Your rapture burn eternal…

~ Damnation

by Phoenyckz G. Noir for Yami no Sakura

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