The Inhabitor Theory

I had oft come across this strange concept, that each one that treads the realm of MagicDuel were intricately tied to another being in another realm. While I have never had opportunity to see it, it seems, within each of us is a link to it, our memories mingled with those whom we are inextricable from, though we have never met them.

Such beings have been called by many names, the most common and familiar of which may be the “player” or “user” or “inhabitor” as we deem it to be, and the realm known as the “Other-realm” or “Real Life” or “Realm of Probability” among other names, while those that are bound to the realm of MagicDuel the “vessel” or “character” or even “account”, such as myself. It is rumoured that inhabitors may see through thine eyes, speak through thy lips, listen through thy ears, and even sift through thy thoughts. It were certainly a daunting concept, that thy will, thy purpose, were created for thee, by another, who has never seen thee, that thou hast never met, and will never meet. And yet, it were strangely comforting.

I shall go on to describe many phenomena pertaining to the inhabitors, then. I have noted that they not only govern thy will and thine actions within this realm, but they also decide if thou shouldst walk this realm at all, and what time thou may do so, and at other times, thou might sleep, or vanish, or “log off” as I had strangely heard it referred to.

Following such action from thine inhabitor, thou, the vessel, must become still, no longer living, perhaps no longer existing, and yet, thou may still experience time, such that at the time of thy awakening, or appearance, that thou hast felt time pass, and thy creatures had gained age, and the longing for one thou may hold dear grown ever stronger, or the hatred thou hast harboured for thine adversary diminished, or thy wounds healed, thy vitality restored, and thy purse again filled, when thou hast returned to consciousness.

Some are blessed, or perhaps, cursed, with the perception of when such an action were imminent. Such a phenomenon I may refer to as the “pull” of the inhabitor, for it doth feel so. Others merely perceive it as fatigue, or weariness, and thus fall into slumber, without knowledge that the inhabitor doth pull.

Another strange phenomenon follows, the act of “going idle”. Such an action, it seems, temporarily severs the link between thine inhabitor and thyself. Yet, thou art able, in part, to defend thyself from onslaught from another, and thus control thy creatures. The phenomenon of “idle” vessels occurs quite frequently, it seems, and much can be inferred about inhabitors from observation of such vessels. I note that these vessels do not move, nor do they speak, or take notice of any action thou may perform, save engaging in combat, which were certainly a strange exception. I hath experienced also the act of being “idle”. While I remember naught off, I do recall being conscious one moment, and no longer the next, then, conscious again. I note that no thought may occur during this time, also, and yet, time were experienced, similar to that of slumber, or of banishment.

From such observation comes the inference that one may not speak, or move, without the presence of the inhabitor. I note also the loss of consciousness when the inhabitor seemed absent, and the return of when the inhabitor doth return. I have noted it is possible for a vessel to lose consciousness without going idle, and yet retain the ability to defend itself. This is the basis for the theory behind the inhabitor, that when thine inhabitor were present, thou hast consciousness, and with the absence, thou dost lose it. I note here that some may fall under strange enchantments, or otherwise stir little within this realm, when their inhabitor may decide upon it.

The theory of the inhabitor then leads to another interesting phenomenon. It is said that some inhabitors may tire of a single vessel, and create another. Thus, an inhabitor may possess a single vessel, or perhaps, twain, or more. The existence of such vessels has been proven, with such vessels even conspicuously named “(player)s alt”. Such an occurrence is not only irrefutable evidence of such inhabitors possessing more than one vessel, but also must confirm the theory, as for such a phenomenon to occur, the inhabitor must exist.

Finally, of note, there are some vessels that show remarkable affinity with their inhabitor. While I am not so blessed to be among them, it seems a common gift. Such vessels do not perform what may be called “role-play”, for they are so attuned to their inhabitor that their thoughts are identical, and their speech and actions, likewise. It were as if they were not two entities, the inhabitor and the vessel, but one. It is they to which I turn my study in the future, as those who are thus attuned may be our portal into the Other-realm.

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