1st Annual MagicDuel Awards

2008 Awards

Awarded to the player who has given the best protection to their followers.


LOL being awarded this is truly amazing. Thank you all (I guess the ones I protect) who nominated and voted for me in this award Category. I guess being a Protector is just a natural progression since I started playing, I have always tried to help people then became an LHO and then in time a protector. I would also have to guess that healing people more than 5000 times may have had something to do with wining also. I would like to see more Protectors be more giving willing to heal people that need it not just those who they protect, but until this time I guess many will still look to me for healing help which I am happy to provide, though I am now looking to move to MP7 as soon as I can. As it will be more in my role as the Illusionist of Loreroot.

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