Step One in Drawing

First thing…

Like in everything you do…or for everything you do, you need something to work with.
That something is a good pencil and a new sheet of paper.
If you think this is not important maybe you should keep scribbling on any kind of paper you can get.
Sure … some of the good ideas come when u are not at home… and u don’t have a paper or a pencil, and then you’ll just have to deal with the things you find!
But that is sketching … not drawing.

If you are  trying to LEARN than, consider letting go to your old drawings, and start fresh.

As I said, before you start even thinking about drawing get some :
new paper (printing paper , xerox)
Penac Pencil (mechanical pencils for drawing (0,5mm / 0,7mm / 0,9mm))pencils and mines 0,5 2B / 0,7 2B / 0,9 HB
and a good soft WHITE eraser (please take the simplest eraser you can find and take WHITE so that it will not leave a color trace on the paper)
Advice: Do not erase more than 3 times in one place, or if you do, then don’t draw anything in that spot. The best thing is to start over on a new paper. Don’t try to rush things if u really want to do something good.

Now…sit down, in place where the light can come from the left side.
You may consider this as unimportant, but believe me, the thing you are going to draw it is best to be not shadowed by anything, so you can get a clear view on what your hand and pencil are doing on the paper.

It is advised to try to forget the old ways of drawing. ( you may consider that you are good at drawing, or others may think that you are good, but we both know that there is a difference between drawings that piles up on your desk and those that reach the eyes of other people)

For starter you are not going to draw anything… in stead you are going to teach your hand to follow your brain.
Try to get as far as possible from your computer, you don’t want to ruin your drawing mood!
Also get a clean desk and a comfortable chair .

It may not seem much but…now that you have all the things i have mentioned above…start drawing:
-straight lines or lines on a 45 angle (are the basic of drawing, Light and Shadow create depth and atmosphere in a drawing)

In the example above you can see how multiple straight lines or curved random lines can create Light / Shadow and Shapes.
-curved lines
-shapes (like: apple, bottle, etc. nothing too complicated)
This is an exercise…that you may want to practice for 4-5 days, until you can make as many straight lines as you can (one after the other)
Also this is something that you might want to do daily…you will soon realize that your lines are getting cleaner and stronger.

Have fun with this for the moment.

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