1st Annual MagicDuel Awards

2008 Awards

Awarded to the most helpful Live Help Operator

*King Bull*

I am proud to accept LHO of the Year. This means very much to me. I will honor this award, along with the admiration and respect it everyone who made this possible. I wanted to become LHO to help others as I suggested to .Renavoid. when I was trying to obtain his Inner Magic Doc (Leadership Spirit). He was determined to give me his Doc, but first ask me some questions about Leadership Spirit, and it came down to this; ” What could I  do to show Leaders Spirit?” My answer, “Become a LHO.” Thinking I was going to get the Doc, he said to me; ” Become LHO”, and get .Jonn. to message me and tell me how valuable I am as a LHO and he would give me the Doc. Now I was thinking I would never get the Doc….smiles… I received it about three weeks later. .Renavoid. has given me so much more than Leadership Spirit Doc. I admire him for his wisdom and thank him for all that he has done.

Now what did I do to win LHO of the Year? I helped others with the MagicDuel Game…. but really everyone helps everyone, so I did  nothing special there. I enjoy playing MagicDuel Adventures, and I am online ….. well too much, so I spend a lot of time helping others more than most of the other LHOs I suspect. Then there is the new beginning for the game at MP2 starting on the island of Golumus. There is was wild I enjoyed it so much I spent two whole weeks there the first time I was sent to help.

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