1st Annual MagicDuel Awards

2008 Awards

Awarded to the person in all of MD to provide the Best Technical Support for the year.


This one award I should share with No one. One day a player ( who is unfortunately inactive for some months now) told me of a thing he thought was a bug. I tested it and indeed it was. One of the best MD has had (the AP Bug). I told No one about it and we started using it. This was the beginning. Knowing that the game is in alpha stage and has lots of bugs and exploits we started searching for them. This is how we took over alliances. And yes… I can tell you now, this is how I made my unbeatable ritual: Ghost Ritual. We found bugs, tested them, reported them, used them. What I love about this “job” is that every time I thought: “That’s it! there are no more bugs, no more exploits to discover.” The Game contradicted me, It’s a vicious circle, but I love it. : ) I said  on the beginning that I would share this one with No one. This is because he was the mastermind behind a lot of “bad deeds” I or rather we have done. since he has the programing skills. Yes, I have a little knowledge of how things work with php and databases but I use my common since to find things. Also, No one has been a great teacher, and I have learned a lot from him.

So, Thank you, No one for teaching me and sharing your knowledge.
Thank you, Mur for not banning us when we did bad things, and for giving us the opportunity to have so much fun  playing.

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