1st Annual MagicDuel Awards

2008 Awards

Awarded to a player who has  given consistent outstanding service to the game.

.Calyx of Isis.

Winning the award for service to MD was quite a surprise. My perception is that the award, my status in the game, and being a RPC, all stem from the founding of the Dojo on August 11th 2008. People said it would never work. that it was impossible, but I never believed them. What I did not anticipate is that it would catch on so quickly – it felt like a long established institution after only a couple weeks – or that it would have suck a broad impact on the game.

The first hint I had of the Dojo’s effect on the game was when Meru Chi said to me in late August, ” You know they are starting to for ask permission over at Willow’s Shop!” Another thing that started to happen was people started assuming I had healing spells and other abilities. I was just another MP4 with RPC status coming weeks in the future.

All of this lead to opportunities to help other players at all levels. I fell into the role of LHO (without being one) and mentor to all. I found myself being treated as if I knew a lot more than I did. I had to start seeking out top players to learn about rituals because people assumed Calyx of Isis would know these things.

I jokingly say, I am a victim of my own success. I have an outgoing nature, enjoy talking to all and teaching, and apparently have a little charisma. Each success lead to others looking to me for more and I have continually tried to meet those expectations. The award it a reminder to me to keep on doing what I have been doing since I joined the game. It is also an opportunity for me to say ” You can to it too!” All I wanted was a relatively safe place to do healing rituals and set defensive rituals.

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