1st Annual MagicDuel Awards

2008 Awards

Best Villain Awarded to the meanest most evil player of the year.


Whats can I say? I did it! Yay! I am the first official villain of MD! *Starts dancing around*. I must thank all my fans out there: I know you love me : D. Now let’s be serious: I didn’t plan to become “the bad guy” ( or actually “the bad girl”) of the MD world. It just happened. The fact I have a big mouth “helped” a lot. It started as a joke, but since I had so much fun I continued, and in time I really got into the character. (Yes I role play. : P). To be honest I thought .Jonn. would win, but it seems I am more evil than he is : D.

I was ask to tell what I did in the game to win this award. What can I say? I did EVERYTHING! Starting with messing up the Heads Contest, then destroying the military alliances, killing everyone in the first Land War. ( I missed this in the second Land War by only 30 mins.), creating unbeatable rituals and getting on everyone’s nerves. Still it was a surprise to me when I saw  my stigmata. It seems I was not evil enough for you, all MD dwellers to hate me. For this and for all the fun I had, I thank you all.
Thank You

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