1st Annual MagicDuel Awards

2008 Awards

Awarded to the player or players who have given the best contributions to Yami no Sakura’s list on the Forum.
Nominated my Yami.

Awiiya, *Limbertok*, Xcerces

Winning this award is truly an honor and a surprise to me. I am not in any way, hilariously  funny 100% of the time. I would have to say the  best way to win this award is to just go about your business and let it come to you. For this is certainly how I was in the winning group. the comment that was said was when I was new and I had no idea Yami would record it, enter it into a competition, or that people would vote for it to win.

So I suppose the lesson of the day is: best way to win any award, is not to try. – Awi

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