1st Annual MagicDuel Awards

2008 Awards

Awarded to the player who plays their role the best outside of the RPC List


I am honored to have received  the awards for best PWR, best Role Play, and best Back Story. These three awards are linked to each other and so it is not so entirely strange for one person to receive all three.

My PRW award I can only attribute to what I did to receive the other two. I have been role playing for many years, and so I am aware of the restricting you need to place on your character in order to make it interesting and unique. A characters back story is the most important part of who they are, linked only to how well you  can carry out what you have created. I know my character in side and out, his history, everything that makes him who he is and how  he is – whether I reveal that in game or not. My character is complicated which makes him interesting and above all he is not perfect he is very flawed – as with life. Realism is what I try to put forward. I also do not break from my character, I do not start acting in a way that he would not. If I have created a back story, I stick to it. I follow very strict rules as to how I dictate my role play. You should always allow the other person to choose how their character will react, this gives the other person full freedom to express who their character is. I think I am interesting to people not because I am interesting as such, but rather because I am completely and utterly involved in who and what my character is, and he exists in the most realistic way I can make him.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me. Your votes make me smile for ear to ear and let me know that Zleiphneir is as real to you as he is to me – which is a wonderful thing to me told.

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