Nero and Demetra

The fire burned and faded into the night. Hooded priests chanted around the fire and threw their manuscripts into the flames. The smell of death and burning ink made it impossible to breathe. The chanting stopped.

“We are here! Now and eternal!“
“Now and eternal!“ all the priests repeated in unison. The crowds began to gather.
“Death becomes us and death befits us one by one!“ The priests chanted!
“It is the Liquid Dust that will decide if we are corrupted enough to be granted pure death and a reawakening!“

The chant of the priests continued. Through the crowd of people a tall figure could be seen, the fire reflecting in his cold dead green eyes. Slowly he strode further away from the priests in the sea of cloaks… The chanting stopped and Jack turned frightened at the priests. Had he been found out? Had his feelings of repulsion and disgust given him away? Was the complete lack of fear a sign of the madness crawling within him?
The Timeless One carried one in the night`s silence!

“My beloved ones! My brothers, my sisters, the curse of flesh and bone and blood has befallen us! However… The long night is upon us once more as a result to the endless efforts of those of us embraced by Deathmarrow. War will soon begin and death will rain down and cleanse us of our flesh, of our blood, of our fears. We are now here to begin the ceremony of exaltation and bring Death closer to all of us. Demetra Tomnis, sole heiress of the strongest lineage of DeathMarrow has been chosen by the Liquid Dust. Let her blood bless the Dust and let her Spirit lead us all to our Deaths!“

The priests once more began to chant and the sound of drums begin to rage from the fire itself. From the shadow a girl was brought. She wore ragged dresses entirely covered in blood and the iron signs of Necrovian Nobility.
As Jack looked into her maddened eyes he could not believe the beauty a creature of wild death could have “Have I truly gone insane to gaze in awe at such a woman?“ he thought.
The Timeless One raised a goblet into the air and then using a spell he poured liquid fire from the pyre into it. He then took a ceremonial blade made of bone and stabbed himself in the heart. As if nothing had happened he then filled the rest of the goblet with blood and removed the blade from his chest.

“Demetra Tomnis, the Liquid Dust wishes to judge you before death becomes you! Empty the goblet and speak for all of Deathmarrow to hear!“
“No“ Jack wished “Don`t do it“

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