Nero and Demetra

As she drank the contents of the goblet until it was fully empty, a feeling of static began to rise… the earth underneath Jack`s feet seemed to become alive and waiting for something. Her eyes closed and then opened. Her milky white eyes, another sign of Necrovian nobility, turned into a bright golden color. Her white long hair instantly turned pitch black. To Jack, she now looked like he always imagined the Chaos Wraiths of the Chaos Woods would look like. Wild, demented, not dead, not alive, and abundant with mystery and magic. The earth grew silent, still waiting.

As she looked around at the masses of hooded people around her, Demetra`s eyes fixed on a tall shadow its bright inhuman green eyes, gazing straight into her soul. And then she felt it. Her Soul. Her heart. The potion had stripped her of madness and returned to her all her human fears. This was the final test. If she did not display any sign of humanity while in this state of terror, she would be chosen by the Liquid Dust as a host.
The green eyes stared through her and she could not look away and in the crowd of Necrovion. She spoke her deepest darkest fear… to him.

“I do not want to be alone. I do not wish to die.“

The earths wailed and trembled and crowd began to shriek. Panic began to flood Jack but in the same time courage. He would fail his mission… He would forsake all he had prepared for… He would save the girl from Death. Demetra was immediately grabbed by a few priests and dragged towards the pyre. The Timeless One seemed to be in a trance of prayer, pardoning his error towards Deathmarrow. And, as the priests lifted her body, and threw her in the fire, silence befell the stage.

With incredible speed Jack jumped between the priests and the fire. As soon as he caught her in his arms, he came to see he would be hurled into the flames by momentum. But… with incredible precision his fortune saved him. During the events before catching Demetra, a state of madness began to overcome the priests and they started to fight each other with killing intent. As soon as Jack had leaped into the air and caught her, a priest had been stabbed and fell over the pyre, thus action as a corpse pillow for Jack. The wailing continued and Shades began to raise from the ground.

“Look at me!“ Demetra demanded of her rescuer “Look at me and think with all your being to a place where Necrovion won`t reach us!“
As Jack heard Demetra`s voice, he felt forced and also honored to do as she demanded of him.
“It is done.“ the words left his mouth and the two felt as if hurled and stretched through space…

~ ~ ~

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