Nero and Demetra

“You look ridiculous!“
“You`re one to talk? At least I`m not hiding in a bush!“
“It`s called camouflage!“
“It`s called cowardice! Out of all the Berserkers in the Realm, I got stuck serving the one that like to `camouflage`!“ Jack sighed as he walked on alongside the Road of Battles…
“You know…“ Gabriel softly spoke from within the mobile bush “these catapults look really strong! I think they`ll still be standing here even in a thousand years!“
“In that case, maybe I should get my dagger and carve into one of them the tale of Gabriel Wind, the man who preferred bushes to linen!“
“I said it`s camouflage! I don`t want HIM to see me!“
“I think he`ll still know you`re there… I mean it is HIS house on HIS domain“
“Why do we need to see him again?“
“Because he can tell me if this outfit fits Necrovion, he has been there many times, both as an ambassador and a general…“
“Fine, fine… But why did you want me to come with you?“
“Gabriel, your memory seems to go screwy from time to time! I wanted to go alone and then father said you would do my chores. Thus, you offered to accompany me to the Paper Cabin!“
As Gabriel remembered, he silenced himself.

From within the Paper Cabin, I waited for them both to get there and see for my own eyes the boy who was braver than any other Berserker. Even through the thick night I could see his tall thin body walking along the path, the torch in his hand making his pale skin almost shine… and then there was a bush following him…
As I stared at the almost unbelievable sight, I told myself that Gabriel Wind needed to grow up before the Wind Citadel in the Eastern Chaos Woods would be finished… Without being able to help it, I also imagined a bush reigning over a thousand Berserkers in while sitting on top of a warlord`s throne.

“Ah… I see you have been expecting me…“ Nero spoke in a timid and cold voice.
His voice showed no feeling, no expression. It was like an animated corpse was talking to me… As I stared into his eyes and saw the sadness, coldness and lack of life, I began to fear that this was not a Berserker pretending to be a Necrovian but the other way around. I reached out my hand and shook his. This teenaged towered above me and his grip was as strong as a hammer. It felt like a blacksmith`s grip.
“I`ve been expecting both of you… Please, come in… I don`t want to keep you outside, especially during the night-time…“
As Nero chuckled and Gabriel got up and shook away the leaves from the bush, I could see in Wind`s eyes so much worry and concern.
“Son of Wind, go back home!“
“What?“ they both spoke in a voice of shock.
“This does not concern you! Go home, or go help the Berserkers with the Citadel but I do not want you here. You will only drag Jack down!“
As the two of them gave each other a last look of farewell, I led Jack Willow into the Paper Cabin.

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