Nero and Demetra

Drops of blood slowly dripped from a darkened above on a wet and dirty tile. Chants echoed through the cold air giving the impression of a perfectly homogenous entity, whispering away into Infinity.
“Lady Demetra,“ a dark and hissing voice came from a barely defined corner of the room that felt more like a crypt “The long night has begun!“
“Alas, Taelleron, I am a Lady no more!“ Demetra replied while slowly and almost sensual licking off the blood from her slit wrist “Death will soon befit me and become me. The Higher Ones have chosen me.“
“For me you will always retain your title, for the rest of this life and the other!“ Taelleron spoke in a more compassionate and caring tone.
“Thank you, my darling… Please step forward, as there is something I wish to give to you before the taking of my title…“
As the servant stepped into the dim candlelight and knelt, Demetra could see his face, a face she knew since childhood. Taelleron was but a child, no more than thirteen, a servant of the Tomnis bloodline.
“Yes, mylady“ he spoke in a timid voice “What… What could this modest servant be given, when he has had the honor of gazing upon your beauty and strength and wisdom for so many years“
With an imperceptible, almost faded gesture, Demetra leaned over and as Taelleron`s lips felt her, he could also feel a burning in his heart that could never be matched.
“Your freedom, my darling“ she spoke and as the boy`s body fell limp she slowly pulled out her hand from within his chest, and along with it, the servant`s still beating heart.
As her smiling blood covered lips blew out the candle, the last slow three beats of the heart echoed into the now silent darkness.

~ ~ ~

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