Author: Shadow Seeker

A Tale of a Sword

This is a tale that happened in the past, which was known to those knowing who to ask. I decided to write my own memories and thoughts regarding it. I was the Keeper of Tainted, Khalazdad’s sword, stolen from him


Lifesteal. Takes a certain percentage of the selected targets and gives it to another random creature on your side. There is multiple or single targets, moving from weak, strong, dying to random. The full range, but none which target all.


Dualism states that there are two different states with coexistence: One cannot be without the other, and they define each other. In our world we have many different beliefs that base upon this: The principle of Yin and Yang, or


Belief Belief is the state where people hold a premise or statement to be true. What does that mean? Knowledge and Belief have to be understood for that. If the Earth is round but people believe it is flat, then


Symbols, as such, represent ideas. They can be abstract ideas, so in a sense they can simplify.  But, they also can be used to describe things hard to express, or things not fully known. They can also have several meanings.


Festivals have become a part of our life, and we celebrate them: Sometimes even without knowing the exact background of them. As an example let us take Christmas, but that will follow later. Festivals in general are special occasions for