Now some of you surely might ask: Fine with all this, but what is the use of writing it?

It is often unusual for us to think differently: If we have two options, we normally decide between them. We barely have anyone who thinks of a third option, perhaps avoiding unnecessary sacrifices. The entirely new option can only be found if one thinks of it: We are beings limited by our own experiences.

The coin as stated earlier now has unlimited possibilities, unlimited sides. It is up to us to find them and to explore them, just like everything cannot be limited to only two perspectives.

It is up to us whether there is dualism: We could only focus on one aspect. We could also try to see it from the opposite, which would be dualism. Better than only seeing one aspect, however what I would recommend is that we see it from even more angles, since reality barely ever is an extreme.

So, now that you read this: How many sides do you think a coin has?

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