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How to Care For and Raise a Knator

How to Raise and Care For a Knator By Joykill Before I can even begin about taking care of and raising a Knator, one must first understand a Knator, how they live and what their origins are. Now to start,

Training of a Drachorn

To Punish a Drachorn: by Malaikat Maut Many individuals believe drachorns to be among the most powerful creatures in the lands of MagicDuel. I have recently had the displeasure of battling such a beast, and can attest that they are

Weaken Defense

This is a brief article on the effects of weaken defense, an interesting little ability that many creatures have, and many people initially ignore. So, let us look at what it is that weaken defense is explained to do, from

Great Tip for Stat Gains

You need more losses!  That is one of the best tips I can possibly give you to become much stronger. You want as many as you can possibly accumulate. The main reason why this benefits you is due to the bonus


Lifesteal. Takes a certain percentage of the selected targets and gives it to another random creature on your side. There is multiple or single targets, moving from weak, strong, dying to random. The full range, but none which target all.

Steal Life Ability

Creatures with steal life ability focus on draining VE of enemy creatures. The main difference between creatures with steal life ability is the type of target that creature possesses. There are two main types of targets for creatures with steal

Regeneration Ability

Creatures with regeneration ability (CWRA) focus on regenerating creature VE. This ability is influenced by regeneration skill. A high regeneration skill means CWRA is able to regenerate a high amount of VE; a lower regeneration skill means CWRA is able

The Marind’s Bell Dojo

It is a common complaint in-game and in the forums about how hard it is to get partners for healing rituals. Even if you find a partner, where can you go to perform the ritual in safety? How many times