The Marind’s Bell Dojo

Suggestions of things you can do in the Dojo:

  • Participate in healing rituals even when you don’t need healing.
  • Ask some to duel with you. Decide in advance what creatures will be used in offense and defense. Try to figure out how to get a victory, not a simple win.
  • Ask someone to duel with you to lower or raise your honor. I’ve gotten over 1200 honor just by asking.
  • Practice getting victories. Even when you know the defensive ritual, judging the offensive ritual and amount of VE to share is very tricky, but may be learned. You must lose at least 15% VE, but not much more.
  • Create a stack of defensive rituals so you can walk about without being concerned about unwanted attacks,


  • Is it ok to attack idle players in the Dojo?
    You must ask. Players who wished to be attacked generally say something before going idle. Someone in the crowd will likely know and Dojo staff try to keep track of these players. If you can’t get a positive reply, please allow people regenerate their VE while in the Dojo.
  • Marble Dale is a good place to fight. Now people are hiding there.
    Well simply ask for the fight. Offer to trade wins, or to remain long enough to heal your partner and yourself.

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