The Marind’s Bell Dojo

It is a common complaint in-game and in the forums about how hard it is to get partners for healing rituals. Even if you find a partner, where can you go to perform the ritual in safety? How many times have each of us been all set for a healing ritual and have someone come along and wipe out our creatures and our VE? Every player of Magic Duel has experienced this many times.

Thus, the main purpose of the Dojo is to provide a safe place to do things like:

  • Perform healing rituals.
  • Set rituals so your defenses and attacks are in place before you wander off into the battle zone.
  • Duel with other players, practicing and evolving rituals and strategies for different situations.
  • Learn from other players and see their ideas in action.
  • Engage in duels to increase or lower you honor or to upgrade your creatures.
  • Attend lectures on rituals and strategies.

We believe that over time the Dojo will become a gathering place. A place for players to hang out, similar to the sanctuary. As more and more players congregate at the Dojo, it becomes increasingly likely that you will be able to find healing or a fight anytime you need or want it. We believe that eventually the days where you have to repeatedly beg for a healing ritual will become a thing of the past.

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