Training of a Drachorn

To Punish a Drachorn:
by Malaikat Maut

Many individuals believe drachorns to be among the most powerful creatures in the lands of MagicDuel. I have recently had the displeasure of battling such a beast, and can attest that they are indeed formidable, possessing heavily armored scales which eschew all but the most grievous of attacks. Therefore, the topic of their punishment has been long studied in these realms, either as a means to defend against such creatures, or simply in order to better understand their weaknesses to allow for compensation. However, physical punishment is not always the most effective form, and drachorns are not unthinking animals.

Those who are familiar with the sciences of psychology and sociology will agree that mental and emotional anguish continues to cause suffering long after the physical body has healed, and to a degree that even the sharpest blade cannot produce. However, this conclusion can be logically reached without any classical study of the aforementioned fields. Since it is true that the mind controls the body, and that the spirit controls the mind, simply consider which you would rather become afflicted. If the body is harmed than the mind is unlikely to be affected. You will retain your identity, your thoughts and memories, and you will find comfort in that fact. However, if either the mind or spirit are broken, than so will the body be. So it is that I posit the finest way to punish a drachorn is through mental or emotional discomfort.

As it has been mentioned, drachorns are not unintelligent beings, but what some may not realize is that they are also social animals, cognitive of not only their individual existence, but also their role in the wider world beyond themselves. What is also little known, and oft misunderstood, is that conscious beings are all possessed of a common desire. There is a fundamental need that is seemingly inherent to their very existence, and which must be maintained and cultivated in order to breed proper mental and emotional health. I am, of course, speaking of the need for acceptance or, more importantly, for attention.

I must at this point clarify that some disagree with me on this and would go so far as to claim that love is a common desire. However, I do not believe that can be objectively established in the face of such moral atrocities as have in the past been committed by beings capable of higher levels of thought, and I will take this opportunity to strengthen my position. If one were to disregard the social importance of attention or even acceptance and focus only on love and its perceived opposite, hate, then the mere presence of anything but love would be a profound mystery indeed. To say that all beings inherently tend toward love would stand in stark contrast to the observational evidence beheld in the world in which we live. However, if we accept that attention alone is sought by social animals then the disjunction is dissolved and our logical conclusions once again align to what is observed in reality. Whether acting in love or in hate, attention and acceptance can be received and the being will feel emotionally satisfied.

Having established that love and hate are not the prevailing social catalysts for intelligent species, we again return to the topic of drachorn punishment. The question must now be asked: What can cause sufficient mental or emotional suffering to such an incredible animal? As has been inferred throughout this writing, the most horrendous retribution faced by a drachorn is the same for any conscious entity. Also, the answer should be abundantly clear if one understands and accepts the logical conclusions subsequently drawn within this piece. The ultimate punishment any drachorn can be delivered is not found in the physical violence of hate, but rather the true opposite of love: total isolation.

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