Regeneration Ability

Creatures with regeneration ability (CWRA) focus on regenerating creature VE. This ability is influenced by regeneration skill. A high regeneration skill means CWRA is able to regenerate a high amount of VE; a lower regeneration skill means CWRA is able to regenerate a lower amount of VE. The main difference between CWRA is the type of target that creature possesses. There are two main types of target for CWRA: single target and multiple targets. However because CWRA that targets single target seems to make an insignificant change to the initial VE, this article will only focus on CWRA that targets multiple targets.

CWRA is a healer and, provided with the right circumstance, a reducer. CWRA is a healer in the sense that it restores VE of creatures by regeneration; furthermore, CWRA is a reducer in the sense that it is capable of reducing the experience enemy gains through a surviving battle.

One’s creatures gain an amount of experience equal to the amount of damage they dealt to the enemy’s creatures. Although we all perceive this to be natural, in which case it is natural, there is a significant in the previous statement. What if the enemy’s creatures gain VE during battle? Then we can say that one’s creatures gain a negative amount of experience equal to the amount of VE the enemy’s creatures gained. This is where CWRA plays their major role as the reducer in a ritual. By regenerating VE to one’s creatures during battle, creatures gain an additional amount of VE during battle. If the amount of VE gain during battle is greater than the amount initial present when the battle starts, the difference in the final VE and initial VE is a gain of VE–which means that the enemy’s creatures gain a negative amount of experience. Thus is the effect of the reducer.

CWRA can go further when used at MP5. Not only is it able to reduce enemy’s creature’s experience, CWRA is also able to reduce enemy’s personal experience. Because MP5 who do not wish to advance to MP6 were prevented of gaining rewards when at max experience cap, they have a set up ritual to reduce their personal experience.

**The only Mind Power capable of reducing their personal experience is MP5 and no other through means of battle**

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