So what do we get out of this?

Well, that we always have to believe in something. Be it Gods, science, void or whatever there is… If we had no constant factor, no Order in our lives, how could we experience the next moment calmly?

People already get shaken if confronted with things they do not want to know, and when that little world they built up and live in collapses their sanity goes with that as well.

Or the other method, they only believe in what is their Belief. Why do you think there was the Church saying Earth is the center of the world? Pure belief, and they held onto it for a long time. Even now I bet some people follow that or at least similar things, for example that God created us in 7 days.

As such we might want to experience new things to broaden out horizon, and we may want to question our Belief. Should we really follow it blindly, even if it gives us happiness?

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  1. BeatlesDacu says:

    The order is priority.Chaos only stole the reward.

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