A Tale of a Sword

This is a tale that happened in the past, which was known to those knowing who to ask. I decided to write my own memories and thoughts regarding it. I was the Keeper of Tainted, Khalazdad’s sword, stolen from him in a moment of his weakness.

After a long time I decided that the sword that should be hidden was not and that was mainly my own fault: I did not keep it secretive enough. Tainted, Khalazdad’s sword, was known too much with me keeping it. I never said anything, but apparently people knew.

Danger was approaching, and my trusted friend Zleiphneir told me about it. He heard rumors Granos wanted to take it, and that I was in danger. We met in secrecy, and he laid out all that he knew. I soon was convinced that I had to do something, drastic measures, to prevent this vile sword of slaying people again.

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