Odd Thoughts

Well then… Need to start somewhere and I don’t know where yet, so I will start ranting until I start getting into something good….

Good is relative. A bunch of things are relative. Suppose I will end up talking about relativity (and no not Einstein’s) at some point within this article. Not yet though.

Something good, I like paradoxes. I don’t know what to write about, but I’m writing right now so technically I do know what to write about. Odd really, matter of perception which side of it you want to take. But either side, me knowing/not knowing what to write about, could be rather true.

Truth is relative. Maybe everything is relative, I don’t know, I haven’t taken the time to decide that yet. So at the moment which is true is based upon my perception, that’s how it all relates. Still thinking about paradoxes apparently. And I’ve obviously gotten back into relativity, several times.

Oh yes, chaos. What is it? You tell me. Really, tell me anything, it doesn’t matter, that’s what it is. Balance? Chaos. Order? Chaos. Random? Chaos. Me? Chaos. I think the only way we could possibly prove everything isn’t chaos is if the universe was infinite. If it was infinite, then everything that could ever happen will happen. There would be no set anything, besides the fact that everything would happen at some point.

Something like mathematics. Think of π, it makes it a little easier to grasp. The number could continue to be calculated for an eternity and never show a single pattern, it’s infinite as far as we know. But who knows? If we were to actually have an eternity to calculate the number maybe one day we would find an end, or find a pattern, some sort of meaning.

But we won’t know, because as far as we are concerned we don’t have enough time to find out. This is like the universe in a sense, but we can find patterns in the universe such as star formation, galaxy clusters, and other such things. But at the start there were no stars (as are the theories). How do we know that these small patterns we find now will, or maybe even won’t, relate to a later time in its evolution? And considering it’s infinite, how could we ever know?

Infinite would apply that anything that ever could happen will, so even MD could become a real realm at some point. I could go so far to say that even an infinite universe has an end as part of the infinite possibilities that could happen. A bit paradoxical. In the infinite universe nothing would be left out. We know everything will happen an infinite number of times.

So considering the universe is finite, chaos would be supreme. We don’t know what will happen at all. Anything could, but not everything will. Enough about chaos and the universe. Which side do you stand on it? Infinite or finite?


Better yet, ask yourself if it truly matters.

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