Grido’s Book of Random Facts: Volume. 1

Are they Really your Parents?

Ever looked at your parents and wondered why you dont look much like them? It could just be your hopefullness or your imagination, or it could be due to the fact that you were actually given to the wrong ones.

In fact it has been reported by different studies that 100,000 to 500,000 newborns are accidentally switched at birth every year and given to wrong parents! According to a report in a journal, 500,000 or 1 out of every 8 babies born in American hospitals is sent home with the wrong parents. In many cases, these oversights are caught and corrected within a few days and the babies are returned to their mothers. But on the other end of the scale, it’s said that in some overcrowded facilities, particularly in large cities, the number of switched babies could be considerably higher possibly as high as 3 out of 8.

***This may not be the case nowadays as they tag babies and mothers at birth, though ooh I don’t know, about when you were born I think they hadn’t started that yet.

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