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This is the current introduction for the book I am writing now; it’s an important theory that is not detailed but just presented as a teaser for the rest of the work. It is possible it will change until it’s final. I wanted to share it with you to hear opinions. Thank you. “Life” is the name of this first chapter.

I keep hearing how cruel everything in nature is and how life is about perpetuating species and surviving. I keep hearing how human psychology is governed by instincts, the ultimate one being to breed and continue the species. I see all-knowing scientists talk about the universe as if they built it themselves. I see priests and all sorts of people of all ages talk about God creating life. Yet there is something that I felt is missing about all this struggle for life: purpose. My answer is simple, and it’s just a prelude to all the questions that follow; in essence, this work.

The purpose of life is not to perpetuate itself, but to harness its goods. Life brings along spikes of individuality, humanity being its most productive branch. The purpose of life itself is to breed observers, for nothing exists without someone to observe it. Existence is relative, too. Universe itself would not mean anything without something to witness its greatness.

Unlike anything else, we living beings observe things even if not influenced by them. We learn, we see events happen, we decide and change things, we imagine, we create; we are unlike anything else. We are the jewel of the universe, an independent system working within a larger system. We are a world within a world that causes everything to exist and make sense. Ever think about how we actually see things? Take for example vision. Light reflects from objects around us and is received by our eyes then interpreted by the brain. Same happens with sounds captured by the ears, touch, smells, and all that we can define as normal or not so normal senses. They all take a part of information from the surroundings and complete the rest. We actually create the world around us within our mind every time we look at it, when we touch things or when we collect any information about something. In fact, ideas and thoughts, mental processes about something are also a form of scouting the vast universe, of seeing it. From plants to insects, to animals, to simple people, to high-end researchers and philosophers, anything that is living acts like a sensor, an eye of the universe to see itself and confirm its existence.

Memories are what keeps gods alive and artists legends. Our minds can give power to systems outside it, simply by creating them inside it. Even if the applications and implications of such theories are amazing–and I am not shy in sharing them–they are nothing without understanding the mechanism behind.

Every system follows a rule; this rule is what I will try to describe. Science alone is as incomplete as art. Some managed to find this rule in science and rigorous formulas, some did it in art, but most found it in religion. Only when both work together can something complete be achieved.

Each category of people was blinded by something. Scientists are limited by their strict and incomplete rules. Most of all, science is blinded by its fear not to become irrational and by its silent competition with ways based on intuition and considered non-scientific. Artists are misguided by their ability to invent new worlds and imagine things that are not there. The creative power is often a light, but light, if it’s too bright, will blind instead of show the way. Religious people were once close to the meaning, but knowledge means power and such power was ingeniously taken away from religion. Religion means the following of existing ways, not the search for new ones, so regardless of how right the way is, it will never move further. It requires a special kind of person to use art, science, or religion as a slingshot to take him to further levels of understanding, to break the limits of each of these categories.

My ways are my own and they are not scientific, artistic, or religious. I do not have science as a background; I am not an artist in the common understanding of the word, and I do not have a religion or such aims. So none of these act as a slingshot to make me search for more about this world. Since this is not a biography, my ways, my reasons, and my sources are irrelevant and they remain a puzzle hidden in plain sight, for none can answer a simple question: “What’s a Mur?”

Life is a single dot on the circle of the universe, a gate, an observer.

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  1. lol How can you take something So serious and turn it into a “Whats a mur?”-based question at the end? Just makes it hilarious.

  2. But what is a Mur? Is it a metaphor or something more, as well as “Why am I here?” or more importantly “Who am I?” Then you may be closer to knowing what a Mur is. Perhaps a Mur is like a God; after all what is a God?

    Essentially if we were to unravel all of the things of art, science, and religion and jumble them up and throw them back together randomly would we not have a Mur? Perhaps.

    Then Life is not either unjust or just, ordered or chaotic, happy or sad, it is all things at all times since when all is pulled together the people are all things, we just choose to experience or observe particular aspects of what surrounds us.

    When or if a rule or rules can be made that pull together all that is, then we might be able to decipher what might be and what has been, but until then, we live for our experience. An experience our own making, whether it be poverty or riches, struggle or ease, sadness or hope. Importantly, we play this out in the realm of MD and our everyday lives. We observe the environment and make our reactions to it and choose what happens next by what we focus on.

    Yet I fear I ramble; suffice to say that a Mur lives in me and outside of me and simply is.

  3. Imagine the confusion among those that read it and don’t know “mur” šŸ˜€ , It’s so so funny, and such serious things should have something funny in them or it will damage the brain :). Consider it a inside joke placed in a public place.

  4. Well, I think the answer is easy if you are the one asking it: “You are.”
    And if you happen to be there at the time, the answer is easy once again: “He/That is.”

    The rest of the time it can be rather more complicated.

  5. Indeed very well written. If primary purpose of this book is to educate, I look forward to its release.

    Putting inside jokes in the texts can be of use, but can also mislead the reader.

  6. The writing style is nice, not too dry. The message is involving which is cool for an intro. It’s a little preachy in places, some might say dangerously so, but perhaps that’s the intention (I won’t go into why here) šŸ˜‰

    • Too preachy indeed, but I realized that only after translating it in my language. It definitely sounds totally different to my ears than it sounds to a native speaker. I’ll work on that.

  7. I like your writing style. And aware of it or not, you’ve just described the fundamental law in magical principles.

    However, existence is not just to watch, but to live it.

    When you’re alive you observe and register, but you also interact and interfere with all Nature, because you’re part of it.

    As above, so below, microcosm, macrocosm.

    The problem with scientists, most religions and some artists is that they spend a lot of time studying, researching and creating, without ever actually experience their discoveries on themselves. They use lab mice, or create disciples, or sell their creations, and ends there.

    The only true knowledge comes from true experience.

    God exists and lives, cause life exists. That Humanity believe in Him or not, makes no difference, He just His, and so we are.

    The meaning of life is but one, to live it, enjoy it, and expand your life.

    “When you stop searching, the answer shines brightly”

    Existence is quite simple, but Man feels like he has to measure and qualify everything. Things just have to make a sense. The fact that you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a purpose.

    I see the “search” as moving sands, the more you struggle, the quicker you’ll sink.

    Don’t analyze. Feel!

    Just BE!

    …And a Mur, is just a Men!

    Feel free to disagree with me, still you asked a question, and here’s my reply.

    From me, Hermes, just another Men!

    Thank you friend, and farewell!!! šŸ˜‰

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