On the Treatise of Rule

Every object and concept holds a structure and partakes in a greater structure, with the exception of ”nothing” and ”everything.” With so many structures, it is perfectly normal to see them within hierarchies. This holds true for the relation between rulers and those who are ruled, be they minions, slaves, citizens, or servants.  With this article, I will elaborate on my own thoughts on this relationship and what problems and solutions, in the broadest sense, could be found in this concept.

I shall begin with my own views as well as general views upon the relationship between ruler and servant.  I then continue with particular problems that many systems might hold, as well as with the particular problem of how the success of a leader can be his or her own downfall, or at least the subsequent generation(s).
I shall end with how these particular systems can be best applied or adapted to MagicDuel, and I will also end with my own solutions to the last particular problem.

If you wish to know about other writers who talked about such political subjects, one should try the ancient philosophers, such as Plato or Confucius, or more Renaissance-thinkers, such as Machiavelli.

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