On the Treatise of Rule

Systems and their adaptation (1/2)

I will continue here with different systems, different structures of rule, leadership, and hierarchy. I will however, only speak of the systems that have the most perceived success so far. And where applicable, I will analyze that system with a comparable reign in MagicDuel.

Hereditary Rule
One of the earliest forms of government. This is the form of rule where one person holds absolute power and all the middle men simply borrow the power to execute orders. The power switched down to the designated heir, bounded by blood. A good example is a monarchy. The first kings, or chiefs, were, with few exceptions, great leaders in the aspect that they unified their people and could forge a new state. An advantage was that the servants who could identify with the leader, or his or her ethnic, social, or national heritage, would far sooner come to accept and love the leader. Another advantage was that the leader could choose who he or she wanted to be the next leader. The prince, or princess would be loved and feared sooner, taking into mind that the apple does not fall far from the tree. The next leader in the start usually, but not always, had inherited some of the reputation of the former leader, and this could be beneficial. But sometimes this could also end up in worthless leaders being chosen, who could undo almost everything their predecessors worked for. Think of Nero.

In MagicDuel, the only hereditary rule still in play is the dynasty of Khalazdad, with Peace now being the current leader. There is not much to say, except that, in my opinion, the reputation of Khalazdad has helped Peace consolidate her rule. She, however, being named Peace and being very peaceful, is not as fear-inducing as Khalazdad, nor does she hold claim to a fractured being, which could instil fear and gain love. Her forte is love; one would say that her weakness would be that she is not feared. But the deficiency of fear is still adequately being negated due to the nature of being a Necrovion leader, namely being associated with the Shade Sentinel. So far, she is a stable and, in my opinion, she will reign long.

A variant on the hereditary rule is the dictatorship. Similarly a single person holds all the power, and this person has gained this power through meritocratous means, such as victories in war and charismatic speeches. There are exceptions to this, such as the ancient Roman dictators, who held power for six months in times of extreme danger for the Roman Republic. But after Julius Caesar, who never gave the power back to the senate, dictators have become known for gaining power after killing or destroying the old system of government. It holds the advantage of increased fear and love, but the ruler is also hated by the ones who loved the deposed government.

In MagicDuel there is no real dictatorship, in the sense that the current leaders actively worked to depose the previous leader. There are dictatorships in the sense that they rule alone and hold all the power, though in Golemus, they sometimes rule in pairs. In general there is nothing to add, nor to commend, on any single individual, or individual dictator. They rule predictably, in the way that no one seriously doubts their rule, nor that they are exceptionally loved by all their servants. But seeing as none of them actively worked to remove their predecessor, it means they avoid hatred from their servants. As such, their rule is stable. as well. and. in my opinion, it could be expected that their reign is long.

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