The Past, Present, and Possible Future of Magic Duel

Well I think if you’ve read this far you must be some kind of a hero or something. Maybe if I tell you now what the Golemus land weapon does you won’t realize it because you would be too well-integrated in the monotony of reading all this.

I think I am sometimes competing with “I am Bored” for his role. But, it’s a long night ahead and I have nothing better to do, since I am all alone in the middle of a village, without much technology and my internet here only allows me to see sites but without images πŸ™ so, I write…
Yup I’m not at home, I ran away after the festival ended and I will be back in a week or so, but psst don’t tell anyone πŸ˜€

Ah by the way, why not split this into a nice organized topic, after all the more I write the less the chances are that most of all will follow so I can start telling better things πŸ˜€ And also I very much enjoy being the one to disregard my own rules and requirements in general. I must admit that anyone that writes such a mixture of thoughts would probably just get a tag called “boring person” and only much later people would start to see if there’s indeed something behind the boredom or not. In my case, I have that extra bit of popularity that allows me to challenge you into reading this, so don’t start to destroy the forum now and turn it into a personal blog like I do πŸ˜€

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