The Past, Present, and Possible Future of Magic Duel

A few of you know about my obsession to learn how to draw. I gave up drawing courses and tutorials, they are simply NOT what I want. This has very much to do with the current “bot” subject. I was looking at a picture and trying to replicate it over and over again, but each time I followed the lines it ended up as something completely different. The moment I realised that the lines are not important, and I tried to keep the big picture in mind while drawing by “sensation”, things started to work better, but still, I’m a noob. Talent after all might not be something that can be learnt, regardless of how much you try, I still have to prove that wrong 😀

So, drawing, big picture , get it? In the same way, programming something in ultra detail leads nowhere. You start missing the point and get lost in details that eventually, even if they are almost perfect, do not mirror what you wanted from the start. That’s why I have to try this regardless of how insane it might sound. The actual brain of this machine will not be based on programming at all. It won’t be some huge collective brain, or a dude locked in a room and paid to do that, lol… but I can’t tell you more for now ahhh….I already told you it’s not about programming, too much info , I will have to kill you after :))))

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