The Past, Present, and Possible Future of Magic Duel

One of the wildest features I have in mind right now, that I will probably start to work on right away, after the “alcohol” in my system fades. Oops I didn’t just say that did i?…. Is a very advanced sensation interaction bot. The technical name might not be the most suited for this, but when I move forward with it I am sure I will be able to come up with something more friendly maybe “Angiens” is a good name for it 😀

This system will be able to understand what you are saying, but not analyse it in a structural sense. You won’t be able to communicate with it with spoken language, the complicated logic patterns for that are of no use for me in this experiment. There are lots of speaking bots, or at least I suppose there are, not that I know of any, but I have a good image how to build one.

This “bot” will be able to sense feelings. I know it sounds exaggerated. Interaction with it will be something like, you talk to “it” and you will get replies that make no sense, but they DO make sense if thought about in an emotional way. Right now I have a clue how to do this on a basic level, for example you put together some ideas and “it” will be able to tell how you are feeling, or reply with a “conclusion” or “mixture” of the expressed feelings in the form of a word. The many meanings of a single word will be part of the flavour and well thought out by this system.

Pfff… I feel like I’m talking to much : D
For the tech geeks out there, this won’t be done by using neural networks as you might expect. The innovation actually comes from here. A learning system capable of processing information, and adapting to it without using neural network programming. Neural nets require lots and lots of info, and in such a way that will only lead to vague answers suited for any occasion. What I need is a system that is able to create new information, not just retrieve it. Wow, now that sounds wild I know, but I have a little tiny secret about how to do this, and since I feel like talking so much about MagicDuel high-tech stuff tonight, I will tell you.

Google uses a similar technology as far as I can tell, for image searches. They might be using neural nets after all, anyway I actually didn’t research it that much, I like to base my judgement on observations and not on rumours. The image search LEARNS from the visitors and because people think about images the same way, it’s able to use that info for pleasing the vast majority. Google can do this either way, they have the resources needed, and the information to create a neural net for this, or the ingenuousness to create a different system, I am not sure if it’s not both actually. It’s no coincidence that g-mail actually asks you not to delete email but to archive them. I’m suspecting it’s using user behaviour analysis from browsing AND logical content in the e-mails to improve their accuracy not only in searches, but also in what people feel when using their services. It’s one step forward than normal “friendly user interface design”, some could feel like brainwashed or manipulated, but I definitely like it… At least I am thinking I am insignificant, and I have nothing to hide *cough* *cough* so if some corporation mastermind wants to learn from my web behaviour to improve the services it is offering back to me, its fine with me.

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