The Past, Present, and Possible Future of Magic Duel

Wow, sorry, off topic a bit there.

Back. So I was talking about a system that will react and look like it’s thinking but is not using neural networks and also ..this is important.. will not be a data retrieving system or preprogrammed.

I am a “principles freak” you all know that. I am thinking that behind all existing things there are some governing ways, like a bigger pattern that everything fits into. It has nothing to do with religion. You can see this pattern in small things or even galaxies ..What you do not see or realise are the small patterns across the way, the ones that are complex enough to avoid your lucid judgement. The magic principles of the game are as much fantasy as I am a wizard with a big hat and a staff. But they govern a slightly different aspect, more of a larger one, than the principles I need to accomplish this advanced bot.

Disclaimer: I must say this, this is not my first experiment, I have the bad habit of starting things then leave them to float into the forgotten…Well they are not forgotten, just adapting into others, but still as some may perceive them I will probably be considered at some point that I am speaking bullshit and then do nothing.

My idea of this “bot” is to make it understand some principles and react according to them. That sounds like a lot of computing you might think. But again, I will not use neural nets or some super server trying billions of combinations to fit the right one.

Someone stop me before I say this …

I will use YOUR neural networks. : D : D : D

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