The Past, Present, and Possible Future of Magic Duel

I sometimes appear as having a weak point of view or a cowards attitude regarding some situations. Some people have thought, at one time or another, things like “he is the almighty Mur, why is he not simply changing this and that”, well ..that’s because inside me I still have a big conflict between judgement and feelings. Sometimes I know things should be taken care of in a certain way, but I also feel they should be left like they are and observe their evolution. There’s not a single time that I’ve had to change the things I’ve said just to fit the situation. I might appear like a man with strong words to some, or a manipulated puppet to others, but you have no clue whatsoever how I see things inside my head. ..or you maybe have a bit of a clue, you’ve read this far after all.

The Japanese could call this SUI, water, a principle (not only an element) that indicates adaptation to any situation, fluidity. “Mur” is a “fire” character mostly, sometimes it becomes a “wind” character when it’s surrounded by big crowds, and when it comes to decisions LOOKS like an “earth” character, mostly immovable, but behind the scenes my decisions are actually a mixture of “water” for flexibility and “fire” for the passion I put in at that moment. Although it sounds like a random decision, logic driven just by others words and by personal mood, I somehow have something that makes it all make sense, I don’t know whether that is myself, it’s not my personality, because I have many… Some know Mur, some knew Muratus del Mur, some know Knator Commander, some the Shade Sentinel, some knew King Manu, and some know Manu day by day. I don’t know who I am myself, I might be all at once or maybe I’ve simply lost it. I’ve seen beautiful minds got lost in MagicDuel, so right now I am not sure if I am a victim of my own creation, or the creation is a victim of myself, and you know what? I don’t care, live with it and have super fun while you do.

Should I torture your patience some more? Of course!
But only with one more bit of information that I will not give you any more clues about for now, I love tormenting you don’t I?

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