The Past, Present, and Possible Future of Magic Duel

What was I saying about ..oh yes..I found here, in the middle of nowhere, some of my plans for a great puzzle I made some time ago, because I was bored and had no internet (not that I have too much now), I will probably put it into play. It involves some rotating discs and plans for an encryption machine that you will have to build in order to decipher the code. It’s also possible by programming it, but for most of you it will be easier just to follow the blueprints and BUILD it. Now that sounds fun I think, to build the things you need to decipher something, instead of gathering clues and activating a web interface, it sounds fun to me anyway, and I wish more RPC’s would do things like that. Actually the code deciphering part is not a good example, it’s probably the easiest way to do a puzzle and I already see too many of them in quests.

I’ve started to believe that after last Christmas I became addicted to my absolute abuse of power, but don’t you like that? he he

Oh what else…hmm, I know I wanted to say something more ..hmm
Ah yes, advertising is back on, for some time actually, recession is still hitting hard and things do not look at all good, but surviving. I like to think that you actually care, if not, no problem. I am simply forcing you to be my co-pilots on steering the big MagicDuel ship…and its not a spaceship *cough*ren*cough*
Actually, when it does become a spaceship you will know I lost it :)))

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