2nd Annual MD Awards

Best Quest

Cutler (Astral Plane)

I want to thank everyone who voted for me. It is great to be appreciated.

The Astral Plane was my most recent big idea for a quest and being able to make fully scripted clickables anywhere in MD for any quest chain really opens up many new possibilities.

The two quests in Necro were just a start with people entering the astral plane over 2000 times already. As of today, the astral plane has been explored into Loreroot, Marind Bell, No Man’s Land, Golemus, and Necro.

After this awards ceremony, the astral gates into Loreroot, GG and Necro will be open for everyone to go explore what is there. There is one new GG astral plane quest by Indyra Sirenias, which is now open, and at least three other astral plane quests are under work by different people for the near future.

Oh yeah, and you can now enter the astral plane at the non-talking rock in the Gazebo of Equilibrium, the Lighthouse in GG, and here, in the Sage’s Keep by clicking the crack in the wall.

Thank you for this award. I do appreciate the honor.
Best Quest

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