2nd Annual MD Awards

Most Influential

Khalazdad (Award received by Peace)

Grido: Since Khalazdad is not here to speak for himself, the one who is the next in line, and no other than his own daughter, Peace, will speak on his behalf.

Peace nods to Grido and moves to the book in the middle.
Peace: Like Grido pointed out to you, Khalazdad was not able to attend, thus I will speak on his behalf. It is not fitting for Khalazdad to arise from the sand at this time.

He did wish for me to tell you, though, that your admiration is a warmth that comforts him; it is a reference point, a shining star in the black night of the Alam Al Mithal. He also asked me to say that now is the time to revere the living, not those who have passed on. As his daughter, I would like to thank you all for remembering him. It brings me joy to know that his memory lives on and that he is not forgotten.

And remember, give your water to the living and not to the dead. *curtsies and moves back to her seat.*
Most Influential

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