MD’s 9th Birthday

Nine years ago today, Muratus del Mur created MagicDuel’s home on the internet:

Since then, it has grown into an exceptionally large site, with thousands of lines of code and features, with a number of very hard-working people ensuring the game continues development.

To celebrate this, on the first day of the festival, we unveil this new site.

Sadly, Mur is around less at the moment, but I’ve talked with him, and he regrets that. He wishes us his best, and has coloured this year’s anniversary aramor for us. It’s an exceptionally nice one, and promises good things for MagicDuel’s 10th birthday.


All the content from the old Archives site has been moved over by a team of dedicated players, including JadenDew, Maebius, The Warrior, Valldore Nal, Laphers, all of whom were led by Innocence.
We thank them immensely for their work.

Enjoy the festival!

~Chewett, Murry, and Council

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