Magic Duel Festival Records: Volume 2

Category Three: PWR Promotions

In addition to RPC, there is another category, PWR. Here are those people that were rewarded during the Festival:

– +10k ve, +10k vp
– Spells: pirateboost x50 ctuosm ailbity to change country flag to pirate flag and give a pirate boost, 1x piratepromotion (permanatly changes a target character flag), 5x voice (allows public play of recorded sound), 20x movelock.
– Tag: Captain of the Crimson Blade
– Custom Description: This captain has a penchant for good drinks, good company, and good stories. He is half-wolf and half-human, although he has found a way to appear as either if he chooses, and wields some nature magics. He is a brave man who would do anything for his crew.

– name changed to Windy
– Spells: 10x weather-storm, 5x weather-sunny
– +15 friend slots
– +10k Ve, +10k Vp
– Tag: Pub Owner
– Custom Description: Windy is the owner of THE WIND &RAIN PUB, which is also co-owned by Ailith. Wind is a member of an ancient race which evolved from their human shells.

– + 10k Ve
– Spells: 15x chase_khalazdad, 5x givevital LVL3, 10x earfocus LVL3, 1x opennecro
– Tag: Keeper of Secrets
– Custom Description: Princess of the Sage Desert. Cloaked in shadowed fire, an air of mystery eminates from her. With the power of feminine seduction at her side, she pries the ancient secrets of the realm and keeps them safe within her grasp.

– +10k Ve
– Spells: 10x chase_khalazdad, 10x locate LV3
– Tag: Third Wife of Khalazdad
– Custom Description: A slave who was bought by Khalazdad to be his third wife, and is devoted to serving his needs and whims.

– +1000 loyalty
– +10k Ve, +10k Vp
– 10 extra creature slots
– Spells: 3x opennecro, 10x summon shades
– Tag: Prince of Necrovion
– Custom Description: Prince of the sands and Sentinel of Necrovion, guardian of the land, benefits of the shades favor. Son of King Rajj Khalazdad, King of Necrovion. [Khalazdad Dynasty]

– +10kVe
– Rewarded with an interview with Mur about puzzles and “underlying nature and rules of the MD universe” to answer his puzzle related questions and view some of the upcomming (yet undisclosed) challenges.
– Tag: Puzzle Strategist
– Custom Description: Enjoys deconstructing puzzles such as the broken tile gazebo puzzle. Tries to understand the mechanics behind puzzles and the underlying nature and rules of the MD universe. (a.k.a. cutler121)

– Uses a rare tehnique of manufacturing items with aid of ice instead of fire as its usualy done. (Please note this is a PWR role not RPC so creation of items has some limits and a different meaning. Expecting urther creative ways of using this PWR role).
– He also recieved several items related to his role.
– +20kVp, +10kVe
– +10 extra creature slots.
– Tag: Icy Blacksmith
– Custom Description: Subzy is a wierd blacksmith, he uses ice instead of fire, a rare tehnique to forge the items requested. These items have unusual properties almost impossible to create when using fire. When it comes to imbuing them with powerful gems, many know that h….

StrongWilled Legna
– +10kVe , +10kVp
– Spells: 10x randomactionp, 5x randomluck
– Tag: Child of Time
– Custom Description: Description lost in time after a child played with it. Still searching.

– Spells: 10x givevital LVL2 , 1x chase
– Tag: Seeker of knowledge
– Custom Description: Seeker of knowledge and passionate fighter who desires to find out more about the Shades and mostly the Angiens especially their motives. A very neutral player that might lend his hand to one force and later to another opposing the first one.

Lady Renata
– +10k Ve, +10k Vp
– Tag: The Muse of Love
– Custom Description: Inspiration to many but curse to herself and those that don’t understand her. For every word, smile or action can inspire or affect you in other ways. Her love can be dedicated to only one…

– Spells: 5x exitsagekeep, 5xentersagekeep, 2x openlore
– +10k Ve, +10k Vp
– Received items: The White Khalazdad Diamond, Handcrafted Dovewing, ROTM Inn Guestbook
– Tag: Hostess of the Root of the Matter Inn
– Custom Description: I am the Sage who Brought the White Khalazdad Soul back to join with the Black Khalazdad. Khalazdad is now King of Necrovion and a very dear friend. King Bull was my Body Guard during that dark time and today he still claims he is. Honored Guide of the Dojo.

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