The Golemus Invasion and Resulting Infection

Late at night on Day 86 of year 3 in this land, a messenger ran to me saying that they had spotted a ship rise out of the sea and start heading towards our isle; they also brought news that there were 100 Empty Aramor carcasses piled aboard it. I immediately went forth to the location that it was estimated it would land, Wraith’s Wreck, and dispatched several birds with messages enquiring as to their plans, to which none were responded to. I have the savage notion that the birds were eaten aboard that ship. Poor birds. So I watched, and waited, for the ship to arrive, checking my telescope every now and then to check its progress. It was thought that it might take up to three days for it to arrive.

During the course of that night I tried to gather as much information as I could about the ship, and its contents. It was a big ship, plenty big enough for that amount of Aramor carcasses, and of Golemus design. I studied this feature of it a lot, as I had not heard of a ship leaving our shores and disappearing before that point, so I knew not where or when it had truly come from. It all appeared to be so ancient. One particular point struck me as I was examining it though, and that was if the Aramor’s were all in a pile, then who was controlling the ship?

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