The Golemus Invasion and Resulting Infection

Instead of the expected three days for it to get here, it arrived the very next day, on Day 87, it was getting to be late evening, I could tell it by the weary looks in the eyes of the folk nearby, and by the rumble in my stomach for food. It’s how I usually tell the time. After arriving, the Aramor carcasses started departing from the ship, invading us, the only thing they seemed to do was walk up and down the shore, from Wraiths Wreck, where they landed, round to Fenth’s Beach.

By the middle of Day 88, the Aramor’s had finished unloading, 100 of them, just parading up and down the shore, we fought them long and hard, and beat some of them down, but none of them attacked us back, they only ever defended themselves against our attacks. We soon discovered why this was, for each of them brought with them an unknown disease, we contracted it when we attacked them, the infection made walking through the southern part of No Man’s Land difficult for us, and we also saw things we thought long since gone, old statues, and Guardians long since vanished from our sight. Many of us contracted this infection, and we are yet to be cured of it, our only hope lies with Muratus del Mur, the god of this realm. Thankfully it does not seem to be contagious, and the disease doesn’t seem to be spreading further than it already has.

Soon after these events the Tiny Men were spotted outside Tempest Fort, away from their natural home of Drachorn’s Lair. They remain there, perhaps waiting for something to happen.

The rest of what’s going to happen even I wish to know.

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