Magic Duel Festival Records: Volume 2

On the 7th of March the Spring Magic Duel festival began. During the festival lots of prizes were given out, RPC and PWR promotions, ad-hoc competitions of various types, a few random awards, events and more.

The festival began on an unhappy note for some, certain RPC’s were demoted for inactivity, these are listed on the next page. This was not a penalty though, merely a clean-up, they retained their descriptions, but slightly altered indicating that they used to be RPC’s.

On just the second day on the festival, there was a tour of our penal facilities, the Prison, this being a relatively new location which is located at the base of the Gazebo of Chaos and is where all the banned players go. Many players took up this opportunity to visit them, just this once, as I’m sure they wouldn’t want to get there the way that players are normally sent there. Players already imprisoned there were also given this as a chance of reprieve, a festival gift to them, a chance of a new start. The tour lasted just a single day.

A few days after this, Laz and Dark Priestess were given another tour, but one of a place which only a handful of people have ever seen, that of Inner Necrovion. This is the part of Necrovion that is never accessible to anyone. At the same point, White Reaper and Lady Renata were given an increase of 5k maximum Vital Energy and Value Points. Muratus del Mur gave them these rewards for unannounced reasons, this writer can only presume that it’s for extended service to the realm.

A new location was made public as well, and a reward was presented to Granos and Cryxus as they were the first to discover what that new location was, The Weapon Smith. Along with something else, they both received a Carnival Joker as a prize for finding it first. That type of Joker is extremely rare creature, so it’s a nice reward for them to receive. Junior received the Silver armour set, presumably also for services to the realm. Who would I be as a writer for this paper if I didn’t also include a quick note that we released our first issue during the festival period as well.

The Labyrinth. It was designed by Phoenyckz, declared as an evil mastermind because of it, and was open to all players until enough had completed it, at which point it was closed, to be opened again at a later date as a public puzzle. The winners got the same main prize of a maximum increase of 10k Value Points and 5k Vital Energy. You can read more about this in the article focused on it in this paper. Muratus decided to let his crazy side free nearing the end of the festival, giving $5 in credits to every player that signed up with a valid e-mail address. This means that he gave out a total of about $600,000 in shop credits to us players, yep, he’s officially crazy all right.

And now onto the promotions and demotions of RPC’s and PWR’s.

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